The ADNY Experience


Upon entering our floor from the elevator, you will step into our lounge where you can unwind to serene sounds of soothing music and waterfalls while enjoying the scents of Lavender in a candle-lit oasis.

Our knowledgeable and conscientious staff will guide you through your registration process as well as introduce you to the rest of our team. Warm teas are served by our concierge to complete your welcome. Great care and planning has been taken in designing the dental suites where your care begins. The profession’s most comfortable dental chair, tranquil views, flat panel TV and computer monitors, as well as soothing color schemes added with the latest dental technologies, will make your treatment and smile makeover a surprisingly pleasant experience.
You will be reassured that we practice the utmost in sterilization and disinfection techniques of our instrumentation and dental operatories. Much of our continuing education and investment goes into your safety and protection.

During treatment, you can relax while watching a favorite TV show or movie, listen to music or take in the view. Some patients just prefer to take a nap (really!). After your visit you can then freshen up with a warm, scented towel. Your experience is completely customized to your preferences.

What you can expect:

  • Experienced and accomplished doctors
  • Supportive and knowledgeable dental team
  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Genuinely friendly atmosphere
  • Comprehensive and thorough care
  • Warmth and compassion

Our Mission

To care for our patients and improve their oral and overall health to the best of our professional abilities through reassuring comfort, compassion, integrity and continuing education. Our goal is to transform the perception of the dental experience to one of ease, confidence and trust.

An Important note about
“AESTHETIC” dental care:

The primary philosophy of our practice is to provide exemplary comprehensive dental care through the elimination and subsequent prevention of dental and periodontal disease.

Aesthetic Dentistry in our opinion is: Achieving your healthiest smile by correcting and enhancing the cosmetic structure of your teeth, idealizing your overall facial appearance


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